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#ExclusiveExcerpt from Asya in the Tilt of the World, a new #PNR #Vampires novel from Effie Molina


Asya in the Tilt of the World
The Asya Trilogy
by Effie Molina
Release Date: July 9, 2018
Publisher: Roane Publishing

Keywords: Paranormal, Romance, Vampires, Same sex relationships, Polyamory

*Trigger warning: sexual assault

Asya Hart’s simple human existence ends forever the night she meets Christian and James, two beautiful vampires bonded to each other and united in their mission to find The One who is destined to Balance the Tilt of the World—in other words, heal humanity and the planet. When Asya is compelled to use a healing power she never knew she possessed on the Grandfather of the Blood Community, Christian and James are commanded to bring Asya into The Blood, and the prophecy is set in motion.

Asya learns that she and the rest of her family are all vampires, and that it wasn’t until her blood was raised that she became her full self. Asya is destined to save humanity, but she has no idea how she is supposed to do that! As if the expectations on her aren't daunting enough, she finds herself hunted, an unwelcome symbol of change within the vampire community. Vampires lifespans are linked with humanity: the more chaos and negativity within humans, the longer vampires live. Asya finds herself in the minority, a vampire who believes that working to heal humanity is the right and necessary thing to do, despite the personal consequences. There are those who don’t appreciate Asya's selflessness, and for them the solution is simple: get rid of her before her revolutionary ideas take hold.

In the midst of it all is love, and Asya struggles to not let it distract her. Christian and James are a bonded couple, and Asya has joined them. Asya is drawn to them in ways she has never felt before, but does she really have the luxury of first love? Asya finds herself on the crossroads. Who is she is in this new world? And can she truly be who people expect her to be?



The limo made its way down Asya’s street, pulling up to the house. It was early yet, but the house was already in motion. She could tell, mostly because Stephen and Kat were out front, each holding a bunch of balloons in their hand with a large banner spread out between them.
“Oh, my God,” she said, as she read the banner.
James and Christian began to laugh, so hard they had tears pouring down their face.
Asya was mortified. “I’m home,” she muttered.
As the limo came to a stop, Stephen and Kat ran over to them, preventing them from getting out as they stretched the banner out along the windows, dancing in circles with it around the car, whooping and yelling.
“Just so there’s no confusion,” James laughed, “this is not actually a ritual practiced for all those new to the blood.”
“No, that’s true,” Christian added. “You’re the lucky one!” he teased.
Asya rolled her eyes, but couldn’t help smiling at her family’s exuberance. It was something you could always count on. Loads of loads of energy and enthusiasm directed toward no good purpose.
When the fervor died down, James opened the door and Asya stepped out. Kat embraced her, stepped away slightly and grabbed both her hands in her own, swinging them back and forth.
“So, how are you? Are you well? You look well! I’m so excited for you!” she babbled on. “Do you like the banner and balloons? Here, they’re for you.” She handed Asya her bunch of black and red balloons. “We had so much fun getting them, I think everyone at BJ’s thought you got your period! Isn’t that hysterical?”
“Great,” Asya said, blanching.
“Let me help you with those,” James said affably, taking the banner and balloons out of her hands.
“This way,” said Kat, leading the group around the back of the house toward Stephen’s room. “Vivianna is still sleeping.”
Asya thought to herself how, for most people, it would be highly unlikely anyone
could have slept through that welcome. But for her mother? Well, it was not only possible, but probable. She had always been a night owl.
The five of them stepped into Stephen’s room, although studio would be a better descriptor. It was huge, with his bed in the far corner, sectioned off by a Shoji screen. To one side was a small kitchen, a long counter and stools separating it from a living area, complete with couches and all manner of entertainment equipment. A small hallway out of the room led to the bathroom and laundry room nearby.
The balloons were left free to wander where the drafts would take them, as Asya and Kat moved toward the couches.
James and Christian made to follow, and Stephen placed himself in their path.
“You’d better have been kind to Little One,” he told them, only half-joking.
“Don’t worry, we didn’t get near enough to her to show her our true kindness,” Christian drawled, winking.
Stephen guffawed. “You did make her of the blood, didn’t you?”
James answered diplomatically. “Yes, of course, but, you know, we didn’t—”.
Stephen interrupted him. “That’s impossible. You can’t have a sharing without sex. That’s unheard of.”
Asya felt her cheeks burn.
Kat turned to her. “Really?” she said, wide-eyed.
“It’s not that big of a deal,” Asya began quietly.
“Wow,” Stephen was flabbergasted. “Sharing without sex—who does that? Does anyone else do that?” He looked around at Christian, James and Kat. They all shrugged their shoulders and shook their heads. No, they didn’t know of anyone else who did that.
“Friday night, it all happened so quickly; and, well, Asya was in a daze when we left. I just didn’t feel comfortable imposing ourselves in that way…it was like we had given her roofies or something. It just didn’t seem proper,” explained James casually.
“I felt comfortable,” said Christian smiling. “But you know James is always right about these things.”
Asya sat in a state of shock. Is this really happening? Are they casually discussing the ins and outs, or lack thereof, of my level of intimacy with the boys? She started to feel annoyed, very annoyed.
“It’s just…weird.” Stephen turned to Asya, explaining. “Sharing and sex, it’s like peanut butter and jelly…like the Grateful Dead and tie-dye, Catholic girls and Catholic girls’ slutty school uniforms…”
Asya cut him off. “I get it. I didn’t know.”
“That’s okay,” Stephen told her, reaching over to place a hand on her shoulder. “Maybe you’re just not into guys.”
“Stephen! It’s not that, it’s just… Listen, my love life is not up for public consumption!” she yelled at him, pushing away his hand, irritated.
Stephen began to laugh. “Always the rebel, Little One!”
“We have all the time in the world.” Christian chimed in protectively. “There’s no reason she has to rush into anything.”
“I, for one, am glad you’re encouraging her to wait. She is my baby sister, and I’m sure over the next couple years she’ll grow up and feel ready,” said Stephen.
Asya looked up at him, aghast. He really believed that. He really did see her as a child. Behind the irritation at the whole situation, she had to admit it was somewhat endearing. As twisted as it was, Stephen had been a sort of father-figure for her.
"God help me," she muttered to herself. "It’s amazing I’ve made it this far."
Ever the honest man, James clarified for Stephen, “We’re not encouraging her to wait, Stephen. If you want to know the truth, we’ve been half out of our minds since Friday.”
“But keeping her alive and safe and well is the more important priority,” added Christian fervently. “Rest assured, she is our number one concern until she tells us she no longer wishes us to serve her.”
Stephen thought for a moment, “Oh-h-h. So, let me get this straight. I’m a little slow on the uptake. You do want my sister—you know, like want her—but you’re just being old fashioned or something?”
Kat scolded him. “For God’s sake Stephen, of course they want her! Half the room wanted her on Friday night, didn’t you notice? Clearly, you can’t see her as anything but your little sister, and I think that is very…sweet!” she said, tears filling her eyes. She crossed the room, wrapping herself around him to give a long, passionate kiss.
And long was the operative word. Asya squirmed in her seat. Home…it was peace
and torture, all wrapped up in one familiar package. James and Christian stepped around the couple and joined her on the couch.

About the Author:

Effie Molina has words crowding her head and occasionally untangles them into stories. Effie is a multi-racial, bi-identified woman living in Western Massachusetts. Effie enjoys exploring the human condition, speaking truth to power and striving to be consistently authentic and brave. She does this best while home with the love of her life, surrounded by kids and beasts. While not writing, she’s supervising a team of child protective social workers by day and dancing in an Afro-Cuban performance group at night.