Monday, March 28, 2011

A dream realized

On March 18th I heard back from one of the two online magazines considering my looped reality story, "An Infinite Snare."  The editor liked my style, action, and characters, but felt that the readers would feel cheated by the ending.  He wondered if I could think of a way to make the vignette into a story.

What to do?  Change the story to please him, and in the process change the point of my story?  Was I that desperate to get published?  Once again I sought wisdom from my forum-ite friends.  I was told that I needed to consider what I wanted this story to be – that I should continue submitting (my original work) until I found the right fit. 

Ah, the arrogance of the young in this business.  I didn't listen.

I added another scene and completely changed the story my muse intended.  But, I wasn't happy with it.  It felt forced.  I decided to hold off on resubmitting till I heard from the second online magazine.   
Thank God I held tight onto Mrs. Impatience's reins.

I now wear a hat other than that of wife, mother, daughter, and friend.  I am a published author!  Or rather, I will be in a few days.  On March 21st I received word that my original "An Infinite Snare" was accepted for publication.  On April 3rd my flash fiction story will appear in Lark’s Fiction Magazine.

The editor had this to say:  “Your twist of light hearted adventure and just a touch of horror was fascinating. Few authors would be able to pack so much into such a short piece. I would usually offer a constructive critique but nothing stuck out at me.”

I laughed.  I cried.  I wanted to jump on a trampoline till I collapsed.  I’m still smiling.

Granted this isn’t a paying online magazine, but it is the first feather in the publication hat I now wear.  I plan on adding many more in vibrant colors until it looks as though a ruffled parrot sits atop my head.


Listen and learn from those who have been after similar dreams longer than you. 

Remain true to the stories that your imagination creates.  Don't force the hat to fit. 

And, of course, keep submitting.   

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