Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bare Apple Trees & Belly Buttons

I’m taking a break from the blogging world of books and writing to share a smidge about … well, me. Or rather my life.
I think I’m a pretty private person – I keep my fb private anyway. (HERE is my author page if you’re interested.) But anyhoo … back to my post title. Two unrelatable things, both of which I’m looking at on this fine September day.
An old decrepit apple tree hunches over a bit of my back yard with leaves aplenty but no juicy fruit. ‘Too old’ I hear its leaves whisper in the blowing breeze. Soon it’ll be chopped down, its trunk ripped from the ground so new sod can be laid for my two daughters’ little feet.
And here’s where we get to the 2nd object - belly buttons.

Unlike this fully clothed child, my 2 ½ & 4 yr old girls love to run around naked. I have NO idea where they get that from.
Covered in sand and dirt, they traipse from swing to slide to sandbox sprinkling ‘glitter’ across the backyard. Like our lawn needs more sand.
Oh the innocence of childhood. To be so free - to see the world as they do and not be concerned about the mortgage or car payments - to not know how hard some dreams are to fulfill. (Still waiting on that first royalty payment!!)
Would you give up your knowledge - the wisdom you’ve gained - for just a taste of their world once more? Or are you looking forward to the days you get to say, ‘Too old’ and just rest your tired feet and mind?


  1. I can't decide which I'd rather be. I guess I'm stuck between, but it's a lovely journey.


    1. I think both have their advantages - AND disadvantages!
      Thanks so much for stopping by!

  2. I'm of the rest my tired feet mentality ... though my girl are 8 and my 15 year old son continues to say "But, Mom, you said when they were 8 they'd stop running around naked." Yeah ... well ... what did I know?? :)