Friday, April 5, 2013

Eternal - #AtoZChallenge

“Keep working. Keep trying. Keep believing. You still might not make it, but at least you gave it your best shot. If you don’t have calluses on your soul, this isn’t for you. Take up knitting instead.” 

 David Eddings


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Holloway Pack #0.5
Paranormal Romance

An unmarried woman living in a house of men breeds hearsay and lore. If only the villagers knew the truth.

It’s not Jem Stonehouse’s marital status that brings unwanted strangers to town. Rather, it’s that she is the only female werewolf in existence — a prize to any pack.

Sean Holloway, the love of Jem’s life, has gone to great lengths to protect her. As a new attack becomes imminent, Sean realizes he must take greater measures with Jem’s safety or risk losing her forever.

His first task must be to marry her, but a force greater than the largest werewolf stands in his way.

Her mother.



Bodies coated in sweat, we clung to each other as we neared climax. Eyes locked. Breaths synchronised. Even our hearts beat to the same rhythm.
With each of his upward thrusts, bark bit into my back, gasps spilling from my lips.
His tongue darted out for a taste as the glaze of desire seeped into his eyes. “Stay with me, Jem.” His voice came out as a breathy murmur, but I heard him clearly; I always did.
“I am with you always,” I whispered.
My legs tightened around his hips as his hands found my shoulders. Nose nuzzling against my neck, he suckled, nibbled, and raised his lips to my ear. “Now.”
I threw my head back, grasping at him. My cries mingled with his deep growls, and together, our muscles tightened before becoming languid with release.
As he drew back, breaths still slightly erratic, a smile tugged at his lips. “Blood remains upon your cheek.”
“’Tis your own doing.” I raised an eyebrow in blame. “You have failed in your attempts to groom me once too often.”
He chuckled. “Fox becomes you.”
“And rabbit becomes you, Sean. Yet, I see no traces from the hunt upon your face.”
I laughed as he swung me down to the ground, sobering when he began moving inside me once more.
His mouth returned to mine, his chest brushed my breasts, hands touching me with tenderness even in their urgency. “Hunt with me again, Jem,” he whispered against my lips.
I smiled as my knees lifted, as I pushed up to greet each drive of his hips, the invitation arousing me further. “You know I will.”
“But no more foxes.” His lips twitched.
I shuddered beneath the high shine of his dark eyes and the heat of his body but gave no response to his order.
As Alpha to the pack, we all would obey his word without question—a respect he, himself, had failed to show his brother, the Alpha before him.
“Jem.” His attempt at admonishment stalled the flow of his movements.
I lifted my nose to his throat and inhaled the male musk redolent only of him, feathering my lips across the flesh there.
“Jem.” The deep drawn-out growl of my name vibrated against my ear.
My lips curved. “I shall not eat the foxes, as you so kindly request … on the condition that you supply me with an adequate dose of freshly caught rabbit whilst I bask in the moonlight and groom away the traces you missed.”
His chuckle told me he had taken my words with the humour intended rather than as a question of his authority. “As you wish.” He claimed my mouth with his usual fervour. “To have you at my side,”—he worked his way along my jawline—“in my arms,”—his teeth nipped at my earlobe—“forever mine … I shall happily provide you with an endless—”
The stiffening of his body brought immediate tension to my own. “Sean, what is it?”


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  1. lol, I love that David Eddings quote.
    Yay for the Holloway Pack prequel.

  2. Goodness. Totally feeling some Holloway Pack love from you this week, Terri. Thank you SO much! <3

  3. Another awesome quote and featured novel!
    Dani @ Entertaining Interests

  4. Lynda - I searched for only the best! It IS a good one.

    JAB - Welcome much. :) Can't help but share awesomesauce with the world. ;)

    Dani - You have been SO faithful. Is there a 'most faithful a-z challenge commenter' award????? You should totally get it.

  5. I don't think I'd be very good at knitting either.

  6. I love the cover on this book. Paranormal isn't my typical read, but the cover sure catches the eye.

    Good luck with the challenge.


  7. Sounds like an interesting read! :)

  8. Sounds like an interesting read! :)

  9. Alex - LOL!

    Cheryl - It's beautiful, isn't it? Thanks for stopping by & commenting!

    Sotetangyal - It's one of my fav paranormal series. Definitely check it out.

    DarcNina - Exactly what I stated above! Thanks for commenting.