Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Is it easy to find YOU? #WritersLife #WriteTip

Talking about ourselves is easy. Lots of people do it, sometimes a bit too much. We need to make it just as easy for readers to find us and our brand we spoke about two weeks ago.

But how? And where to start?

Other than a website with all your pertinent information, why not start a blog? You don’t have to post daily. Start out weekly. Share what’s going on in your journey to publication. Share the things you learn. 


Email, bloglovin’, GFC, RSS, NetworkedBlogs, or whatever ‘follow’ buttons your host provides – use them. Every post you publish will be sent to either their email or blog reader of choice. Just be sure to keep your content true to YOU. Your genre, your brand.

Send out a newsletter. Some do them monthly, but I personally only send them out for biggie news – cover reveals, releases, etc. I make it easy for peeps to sign up for a subscription on my blog and website ‘contact me’ pages. I use MailChimp to set up and schedule these letters since it’s FREE and allows you to design your own layouts. Great for keeping with the brand!

Have you joined Twitter yet? Whatcha waitin’ for? It’s a cinch to use. Don’t feel like tying up too much time tweeting with peeps when you could be writing or editing? Try a Facebook page.

Fans are able to ‘like’ your FB page without needing authorization to follow unlike a personal profile ‘friending’. Other than updates of your writing life, be sure to post links to your blog posts. Share big or small news, cover, & blurbs. There’s even a nifty way of linking up Twitter to your FB page so that updates made in either site post to the other. Click HERE to learn how to set one up.

Easy Peasy!

Less networking this way as well which is great for those of us who get too distracted with our cyber space life.


Set up a Goodreads Author Page and become active in groups focused on your genre. Just be sure to follow their rules. Most groups don’t care for constant self promotion. Join discussions. Make friends who enjoy the same books you do.  

There are probably a dozen other ways to make connecting with you easy, but these are the ones I use.

Be sure too, to have all these ‘stalking’ links accessible and easy to see on your blog and website. Don’t forget that email siggie too! Here’s how mine looks:

Terri Rochenski


What ways have you made it easier to find YOU? Do you have a connecting idea I missed?


  1. I'm not on Facebook, but every other way you can follow a blog is available in my sidebar.

  2. Well said. You got me thinking again.

    Thanks. :-)

    1. Hi Anna! Thank you for your kind words and I'm glad you enjoyed the post. You can always come visit my blog sometime and check out my WRITERLY WISDOM series as well...;~)

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I still find it surprising when I can't find people on social media. I mean, really? Come on -- people need to find you!

  4. Alex - Yeah, you're all set. ;) Actually, if I'm looking for a 'how do I ...' I head over to your blog.

    Em - Glad to hear it!!

    Jenn - Seriously. What's the point of pursuing your dreams if fans can't find you?