Monday, March 23, 2015

Check out the purdy: The Rabbit With Terrible Habits by Jenna Lyn Field

Check out the cuteness from my beta bud and fellow author, Jenna Lyn Field!!

Wuv da waskaley wabbit!

                          The Rabbit With Terrible Habits
                                                          Published: April 23rd 2015
                                                           Author: Jenna Lyn Field
                                                         Illustrator: Jenna Lyn Field
                                                         Publisher: Jenna Lyn Field


To listen to her lovely British accent, check out the official cover reveal vlog!


Author of children's picture books, Jenna Lyn Field is the pen name of adult author J.A. Belfield. She lives in Solihull, England, with the best husband in the world, aka Mr B, a couple of back-chatting but pretty cool kids, a pooch she treats likes the baby of the house, and a scrawny cats that drives her insane.

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