Monday, November 9, 2015

#MondayMoans: Saying goodbye to the weekend #nomorevacation #WritersLife

Anyone besides me have a kick ass weekend? 

I got to head back west to my old stomping grounds...Pennsylvania! My oldest niece got married on Sunday, so I got to see a TON of family including my 3 rockin' brothers, their wives, and their slew of kids.

The wedding was awesome. Beautiful bride and all that good stuff. :) 

The ride back to MA? Pretty durn good. All 3 of my kids behaved like angels. Go figure. Home by 4, unpacked by 5, ordered out for pizza, and called it a night.  

And now Monday has arrived and the to-do list is a bit overwhelming. I FINALLY get to start NaNo - writing an historical romance for an upcoming anthology. At least I got some ideas down on paper during the ride home yesterday.

Go me!


What'd you do this weekend? Anything fun? Exciting? 

​How's NaNo going?


  1. When you toss in family and a car ride with three kids, it couldn't have gone any better!
    I attended two gatherings/parties this weekend. Also cleaned the bathroom floor. Not nearly as fun.

    1. Cleaning the bathroom - the bane of my existence. LOL! Thanks for stopping by, Alex!