Friday, December 16, 2016

Eye of the Soul has a new cover! #Fantasy #CoverReveal #PoolofSouls #EotS

For those of you who may not have heard, J. Taylor Publishing, who held the rights to my Pool of Souls series, recently shut down and sent all the rights back my way. 


Roane Publishing now holds this fantasy series in their hands, and here's the first purdy...

Eye of the Soul
Pool of Souls #1
Adult Fantasy Novel
By Terri Rochenski
Publisher: Roane Publishing
Release Date: January 9, 2017


That should be Hyla’s first thought as her people are chained and imprisoned for no imaginable reason.
Instead, Hyla finds herself traveling through a land void of Natives, with human soldiers pillaging in desperate pursuit of her, and in search of the mystical Pool of Souls—home to the one man who can save her people.

Or so she believes.

Led by her faith in the deity 
Fadir, Hyla is met along her journey by Jadon—a human male and fierce King’s warrior, and his childhood best friend Conlin—one of the few Natives aware of hisFadir-given Talents.

Protected by Jadon, guided by Conlin, and with an unfailing belief in the purpose of her pilgrimage, Hyla carries on.

Like her, though, another searches for the Pool, and should he gain access first, everyone she loves, and everything she knows, could be lost.


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