Saturday, January 14, 2017

Are you an #EDITING master? Proofread these questions and find out! #AmEditing..


I've been beta reading and doing light editorial work for close to five years, and there are STILL some words that I'll occasionally skim past without catching. Figured, why not share one or two along with a few of the most commonly missed words with my loves, and hopefully strengthening your proofreading skills?

Take this little test to see how much YOU know...

Question 1: He was laid up for quite _______.

a) a while
b) awhile

Question 2: What is the _______ balance on your car loan?

a) principal
b) principle

Question 3: This webinar is over two hours long, so if at _______ you need a break, just let me know.

a) any time
b) anytime

Question 4: He needed to have an ______ procedure to remove the tumor.

a) evasive
b) invasive

Question 5: From my _______, he's going to be an awesome father.

a) perspective
b) prospective

Question 6: I have a migraine almost _______.

a) everyday
b) every day


Did you know that only 10% of the population gets these right?? How well did you do?

1. a while
2. principal
3. any time
4. invasive
5. perspective
6. every day

Stumped? Google 'perspective vs prospective' to find out the differences!


  1. 100 percent. Yep, English degree and anal about proper word usage (even if I get other grammar things mixed up at times).

    1. No one is safe from grammatical errors. Even George R.R. Martin has them in the Song of Ice & Fire series!!!

      Thanks for stopping by!