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New Release from @RoanePublishing THE WOLF PRINCE #Shifters #Werewolf


The Wolf Prince
A Shifter Romance Novella
Publisher: Roane Publishing
Release Date: June 19, 2017

Keywords: Werewolf, Celtic, Irish, Dublin, shapeshifter, sidhe, fairies, fey, magic, prophecy

Claire O’Neil grew up hearing stories from her grandmother’s Irish homeland.  Her grandmother seemed to be personally acquainted with exotic fairies, mischievous pixies, even powerfully seductive shape-shifters.  On the eve of the older woman’s funeral, Claire is visited again by strangely erotic dreams which began on her sixteenth birthday, dreams which leave her breathless and aroused by the shadowy presence of a mysterious stranger.  At the funeral itself, she is approached by a foreigner who carries a letter from her grandmother.  Following the instructions in the letter, Claire is whisked away to Ireland to discover the legacy left behind by her grandmother.

Once in the Emerald Isle Claire is stunned to learn that her grandmother’s stories were real: the Dubh Sidhe and the Four Fey Courts of Dublin do exist.   More shockingly, an ancient prophecy has tied their fate to hers. At a chance encounter Claire comes face-to-face with the stranger from her dreams, and breathless doesn’t begin to describe the effect he has on her!  As she finds herself caught between rivals for leadership of the shape-shifters, Claire is kidnapped and held in seclusion by the mysterious stranger’s brother as part of their battle for leadership of the their family.  Only Claire can help the mysterious stranger to save himself and his clan from losing their power forever.  If she chooses to…and if she can accept that passion can take many forms.



The inspiration behind The Wolf Prince

Ireland…right? Emerald green hills, misty mornings, mysterious corners of auld Dublin town…it all cries out “listen…we want to tell you a story!”

At the time I wrote The Wolf Prince, I was living in Dublin as the plus-one for a corporate rotation.  My partner had to go to the office every day…I went, well, wherever I wanted.

I soon discovered that every part of Dublin has its own unique character.  And I don’t mean like any town has its own personality.  I mean different blocks on the same street are like entirely separate worlds.  And the parks…oh, the parks!  Three in particular drew me again and again.

St. Stephen’s Green is neutral ground where everybody can gather and it has a little bit of everything.  Iveagh Gardens is a secret corner with fallen down statues and old fountains that brood over the few picnickers who find their way there.  Marlay Park is a wild place where you just KNOW the Fae linger in the moonlight hoping that a human child wanders by.  Each has its own soul.

And yet…

There is something that connects them all.  I wandered through them, my pen and notebook in hand, feeling that somehow Iveagh knew that I had just been in St. Stephen’s…and when visiting Marlay Park it was like the wildlife had heard from their relatives closer to town that it was ok to let me pass. Knowledge seemed to pass like a breeze through the tree branches, through the very air of what they call the Fair City.

I became more and more convinced of that connection.  And, over my various visits I started to sense some population, some group of inhabitants just out of reach of our human perception active behind the scenes. At one point, I saw a sign for Dublin’s “Four Courts” and I had a revelation.  Ireland used to be four separate kingdoms.  And now, what remains just out of sight out is fairy legacy of four separate courts, each distinct, but each connect in this hidden, shadow Dublin.  Each has its politics, its squabbles and, like the town, its own distinct character.  As the wildest of the urban parks, it felt right that the Marlay court of “Sidhe” (pronounced “she”) would be the wildest, the most animal…the shapeshifters.

Then all I had to do was listen…and this story and others came to me…so if you happened to be passing through St. Stephen’s Green some time back and saw a woman with ice-blond hair being watched over by a plump, elegant swan while chatting with a stranger scribbling frantically to capture everything…that stranger was me…and as for what I was working so hard to capture, well, that’s the story you’ll find in The Wolf Prince.  The city told me many tales during my stay, but this was the first. I hope you enjoy it!

p.s. I love hearing from readers!  Please feel free to drop me a note at and I look forward to hearing from you!



Jaye has been writing since at least the age of eight, and still cherishes that very first manuscript about a knight kissing a maiden. While the subject matter has evolved from those days, the human condition in all its varied forms and all its joyful expressions of intimacy remains central to Jaye's writing. Found anywhere from a small town on California's San Francisco Peninsula to the wild corners of Ireland, Jaye can often be spotted quietly scribbling in a series of notebooks, where stories are born. You may have run into Jaye just this morning at your local cafe and never realized it.

You get a peek at Jaye's Notebook at or follow the Twitter feed @JayErotica. Reader feedback is always encouraged…and every fantasy is interesting…





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