Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Ooo! Sedona Series #2, EMERALD'S RING, has a face! Check out the purdy... #Fantasy #Romance

Emerald's Ring
Sedona Series #2
by Jaylee Austin
Release Date: October 9, 2017

Keywords: Fantasy, Romance, Time Travel,  Sidhe, Novel, Series

Harmonia Shae, a time traveler, faces a revengeful fallen
sidhe queen set on enslaving humankind. A Sihir magician traps Harmonia’s
freewill inside a talisman forcing her to submit to three summonses. 

On the brink of death, she finds an unwanted champion in
Tristan Avery. Upon awakening, she is in his house. Frightened, she scrambles
to escape his overbearing need to protect her. Time is short, she must find the
ambassador of the gates and return to her cousin’s house to formulate a plan of
action to undo the cataclysmic effects she is compelled to inflict on an
unsuspecting city once she completes the queen’s commands.

The wild cowboy sidhe, Tristan Avery finds the dark haired
beauty unconscious and poisoned with copper. Determined, to find out why she is
here, he follows her every move. When a calamitous earthquake hits Sedona, he
is sure she is connected to the mystifying vibrational energy storming through
the ley lines of magick. As minder of the Kingdom of Sidhe, he becomes
entangled in a battle to safeguard Sedona and defend the women he’s vowed to

Harmonia and Tristan can’t stop the tempestuous hot
relationship developing between them as they each hide their own secrets. Will
these two overcome the obstacles and find love?


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