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Top Two List: Favorite #Romance Movies from the ONE SULTRY DAY #Anthology Authors! @RoanePublishing


One Sultry Day
A Sweet Romance Anthology
by Various Authors
Release Date: August 6, 2018

Keywords: Sweet, Romance, Contemporary, Anthology, Second Chances, Beach Read, Ghosts, Summer, New Adult, Cancer Survivor

Escorts for Hire - Heartaches for Free by Deryn Pittar

University drop-out and current barista, Sandi Fletcher-Bain is offered a position as a quality controller for a new agency, established by her friend Jess and designed to provide escorts for discerning women.

Anything has to be better than driving an espresso machine and despite her shattered ego after a disastrous romance Sandi accepts the position providing she can trial it for a month. 

Sandi’s first assessment subject is Jeremy Miller, tall, blonde and rather dishy. She takes him home for the day under the pretence of viewing the estate’s gardens, pretending she’s never been there before. Aunt Freda dispels that lie and after an evening meal Sandi manages to offend Jeremy to the extent that instead of staying the night he leaves to catch the last train back to the city. While their relationship fizzed and cooled during the day she has to admit he has all the qualities required to be an escort. It were her faults that caused the problems.

With Nicholas, her second assessment, she is honest from the beginning and their visit to her parent’s home is an enjoyable day out, ruined only by an accidental meeting with her ex-fiancĂ© Simon. This destroys her confidence and she gives up being a quality controller, it’s no fun at all, and returns to cafe work.

Jeremy finds her and asks to begin their friendship afresh; admitting that the good wine had something to do with his previous reactions.

Meanwhile Jess says Simon has applied to be an escort and Sandi is forced to explain why she broke off their engagement and why Jess shouldn’t hire him.

And why is Jeremy no longer available Jess wants to know?

Ghosts of Summers Past by T.E. Hodden

For five years Bunny has never once felt alone. He has been haunted by the tragedy that stole Hanna, his first true love from him, and has always felt her presence on one shoulder, and blame on the other.

Now Alice, a minor star from the show he writes, is on the verge of becoming more than just a friend, and the sun baked palm beaches are almost feeling like home.

Can Bunny face the ghosts of his past? Or is history about to repeat itself in the most terrible of ways?

Love Unexpected by Sharon Hughson

Grad student Ivory Konner relishes a summer of guiding rafts on the Wenatchee River for from the expectations of her parents and the reminders of her recent dumping. She isn’t looking for romance when a thin guy and his dog nearly send her plummeting off the trail.

Cancer survivor Prescott Colyer drops out of college, escapes to his uncle’s photo gallery in Leavenworth, WA, and quietly pursues his art. But when his collision on a hiking trail exposes him to physical contact without pain, he risks everything for a girl who’s not interested in romance, not even for the summer.

Once Ivory connects with Prescott’s art, she offers to help him build a business. As they spend time together, her heart takes on its own mission.

Can their unexpected encounter urge Prescott out of isolation? Will Ivory include love in her long-term plan?

Second Chance Summer by Lily Carlyle

Twenty years ago, Summer and Jason’s summer romance seemed destined to last. Until Summer abruptly broke it off, with little explanation. Heartbroken, Jason leaves the Outer Banks—indeed, the entire East Coast—waiting two decades to return. When he comes home to settle his great-aunt’s estate, one of the first people he sees is Summer.

She’s ready to tell him the truth about that summer. But is he ready to listen?


Top Two Favorite Romance Movies from the One Sultry Day authors!

Deryn Pittar: Dr. Zhivago and The Greatest Showman

Sharon Hughson: I love romantic comedies. My favorite of all time is “Pretty Woman” starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. It’s the perfect “Cinderella” story. The idea of a prostitute softening the heart of a jaded but extremely wealthy businessman is so much better than Prince Charming and the glass slipper. Even though I’m not a huge fan of Nicolas Sparks novels (read one, you’ve read them all IMHO), I do adore the film rendering of “The Notebook.” The real love story is this old man trying to win back his beloved wife’s memory of him. What better way to do it than through the story of their romance? This movie reinforces the power of story and demonstrates that true love is about so much more than physical intimacy.

Tom Hodden: #1 A Matter Of Life And Death: This film was originally war time propaganda, designed to encourage support for the US joining the allies in world war two, but it is also a simply beautiful piece of cinema. From the heart wrenching scene of a pilot from bomber command talking to the woman who thinks will be the last voice he hears over the radio, and refusing to let his stiff upper lip slip, to the surreal court room scenes, via lavish (oil painted) fantasy settings of Heaven, and astounding fairy tale images, this is Romance on a grand scale, with a heavy dose of fantasy, brilliantly realised, and told with an all too human touch.
#2 Your Starter For Ten: Thanks, in no small part, to an incredible cast, the film squeezes every last drop of wit and charm from the original book, and imbues it with a feel good glow. James Macavoy may be the lead, but this is a truly brilliant ensemble piece, with Benedict Cumberbatch’s intense and obsessive quiz veteran who chews the scenery and steals the scenes. Yes, on screen it is painfully obvious where Macavoy should be looking for love, and when he is marching blindly to a fall, but every painful embarrassment and faux pas, touches the funny bone, and the messages of friendship, of first love, and nostalgia are all pushed to the foreground.

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