Monday, October 9, 2017

EMERALD'S RING is now available! #Fantasy from Jaylee Austin #Giveaway!


Emerald's Ring
Sedona Series #2
by Jaylee Austin
Release Date: October 9, 2017

Keywords: Fantasy, Romance, Time Travel,  Sidhe, Novel, Series

Harmonia Shae, a time traveler, faces a revengeful fallen sidhe queen set on enslaving humankind. A Sihir magician traps Harmonia’s freewill inside a talisman forcing her to submit to three summonses. 

On the brink of death, she finds an unwanted champion in Tristan Avery. Upon awakening, she is in his house. Frightened, she scrambles to escape his overbearing need to protect her. Time is short, she must find the ambassador of the gates and return to her cousin’s house to formulate a plan of action to undo the cataclysmic effects she is compelled to inflict on an unsuspecting city once she completes the queen’s commands.

The wild cowboy sidhe, Tristan Avery finds the dark haired beauty unconscious and poisoned with copper. Determined, to find out why she is here, he follows her every move. When a calamitous earthquake hits Sedona, he is sure she is connected to the mystifying vibrational energy storming through the ley lines of magick. As minder of the Kingdom of Sidhe, he becomes entangled in a battle to safeguard Sedona and defend the women he’s vowed to protect.

Harmonia and Tristan can’t stop the tempestuous hot relationship developing between them as they each hide their own secrets. Will these two overcome the obstacles and find love?




The idea of a cowboy sidhe fascinated me. In Emerald’s Ring, Tristan Avery resonated with the old west, wearing wranglers, cowboy boots and a black Stetson. The setting takes place in the rustic red mountains of Sedona, Arizona. A mysterious setting filled with mystic possibilities.
Before I wrote Emerald’s Ring I took a vacation and stayed at the Enchantment resort, which is built in Boynton Canyon, eight miles from the quaint town of Sedona. It’s a magical resort nestled in the spectacular, nature-carved red rocks.
The spa resort blends in with the environment of the Southwestern d├ęcor and for a time you are transported away from the bustling sounds of the city into a vast vortex of geological development.
In the Coconino National Forest, I took a tour and hiked to an ancient Palatki Site. Old ancient writings were still carved into the rock beds. In my imagination the Sinaqua Indians came to life. I speculated on the culture of these mountain Indians and wondered what would happen if an ancient chalcedony stone was ripped through time and the spirit of the Palatki were held captive inside the vortex of the red mountain?
The idea spurred my imagination and Emerald’s Ring came to life. The heroine, Harmonia Shae, a time-traveler, is thrust into a whirlwind of chaos, when manipulated by a Sihir magician and forced to steal the chalcedony stone, along with seven ancient acorns from the Celtic tree of life.
Tristan, a sidhe warrior and part time rodeo bronco rider, leaves to Sedona for the annual rodeo. Unexpectedly, A Sumerian djinn female comes barreling into his world causing more ruckus than any bronco he’d ever encountered.
I put these two very different people together and wondered what would happen if they fell in love.



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