Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Dreaded Siggie

The whole 'give away a signed cover of Make Believe' time came.

My initial reaction was excitement - the whole squeeeeeeeeeeing thing. Seeing my name on the cover of a book - not just my name - but my signed name.

My siggie. My X. Woo Hoo! Right??

My second raction - I was horrified. Shame-faced. It's like my own personal stamp, and my signature looks horrible.

I got an email from the marketing director over at JTP instructing me to sign my name on plain white paper, scan it, and send back so she could have the signed covers made up.

Siggie - no problem although it made me cringe.

Scan? Problem. I don't have a scanner. I packed up my 2 little, whining daughters, drove the 15 minutes to the UPS store, and paid 50 cents for a scan & save to my memory stick. The kid at the counter gave me a funny look over scanning an 8x10 white sheet with a scribble across the middle. I pretended not to notice, busying myself with chiding my daughters for getting into their card display.

Got home, downloaded, attached & sent.

I posted in our author's forum that I was thoroughly ashamed of the sig I had to send in. I called it 'U.G.L.Y.'.

Our headlinger (and all-around-lovely-lady) JA Belfield, had this to say:

"LOL, Terri. If it's any consolation, I HATE my signature. But to do a pretty one, I have to concentrate too hard, and it takes too long, and then it won't fit on a bookmark if I sign those, so I went for my signature in its most basic form and that'll have to do. I wouldn't worry about it too much. Nobody is going to analyse it but you."

Her words made me feel a million times better. Is anyone really going to look at that book cover and say, "Good Lord Terri's siggie is awful!"  I don't think so.


Two days later I got an email w/ the digital copy of the signed cover. WOW! I LOVED what I saw. Awful siggie & all! It looked so purdy. I was so proud.

If you missed it, head over HERE for a chance to win a printed, signed copy of Make Believe.

My signature isn't really THAT bad, is it????

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  1. Your sig looked just fine. Mine is fairly legible, so my husband is always teasing me about how it proves I'm a marry-in to the family, cause his, his dad's, and his sister's are all scribbles while mine and my mother-in-law's are easy to read.