Monday, May 20, 2013

Early #Review : Caged by @JABelfield #HollowayPack #PNR #Werewolves

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Holloway Pack #3
Release Date: August 5, 2013
Target Reader: Adult
Keywords: Romantic, Urban Fantasy, Werewolf

If the meek can become deadly, the strongest can be weak. 

For Ethan Holloway, his mission to find a missing werewolf should be simple. Crack a few heads, bust a few chops and the solution always reveals itself. Always.

Not this time.

Ethan’s reputation precedes him, and because it does, someone is ready. Waiting. Unbeknownst to Ethan, he’s about to go down. Hard. Against a foe he never suspected and in a world he never imagined could be real.

What awaits Ethan is a fight not only for his reputation, but also his pack, his female, and his life. If he survives, damage control will become priority number one. 

If he survives.

Because even Ethan’s not sure he’s strong enough to take on an entire race all by himself.

Especially one hell bent on exposing who and what he is in the name of sport.


My Review:

I’ve been WAITING for this book since I first read Darkness & Light. Ethan Holloway is by far my fav Holloway boy – and fav book boyfriend.

So what can I say about this book? I know Ms. Belfield nibbled her nails away when ARCs went out, but …

She has nothing to worry about.

Yummies:   Absolutely everything.

Caged delivers. In a BIG way.  We finally get a glimpse into Ethan. What drives him. What undoes him. All wrapped up in one thrilling ride.

I just want you all to know that for a prego woman to sit on the couch from 9pm until midnight without getting up ONE SINGLE TIME to visit the bathroom is epic.

Best Holloway book so far, and NOT because it's Ethan. Kick butt tension & action. Couldn't put it down. I don't think I even paused to take a sip of water.

I wish you all could have seen my jaw drop when I clicked on next page & nothing happened - then a big grin because I realized I loved the ending just the way it was. THEN came another jaw drop when I looked at that clock.  *snicker*

Scared the crappola outta the hubs (his words the morning after) when I crawled into bed at that hour. 

Yuckies:  Yeah, right.

Recommend:  As with all the Holloway Pack stories, I highly recommend you nab a copy and submerge yourself in their world. You’ll come up gasping for breath, wishing there were such creatures as werewolves.

WELL done, Ms. Belfield. That is all.

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  1. You totally rocked my socks with this review. Thanks, Terri. <3