Friday, October 4, 2013

#FreeviewFriday Part X : Eye of the Soul #Fantasy #Excerpt

Welcome to my final Freeview Friday for Eye of the Soul, which releases from J. Taylor Publishing on Oct. 7th - MONDAY!!!


I hope you've enjoyed following along the last ten weeks AND I hope you'll stop by on the 7th for the big release party, where I'll be having a giveaway including signed copies along with some swag.

Anyhoo. Here it is. The final installment of FVF for EotS! If you missed last weeks, it can be found HERE.


She peeked around the mass of ferns she huddled behind. Something shimmered around the wolf’s body. A human Aura? How is that possible?

His head swiveled in her direction.

She jerked behind the scanty cover, biting on a knuckle.

Time slid by slower than a seed sprouted. Hyla’s legs began to stiffen and tingles shot upward from her aching calves.

A songbird tweeted. Moments later another bird called back. Did she dare check if he’d gone? Exhaling, she peeked once more.


Well folks, that's it! Eye of the Soul releases in THREE DAY! 

Lots of giveaways going on, so be sure to swing by on book birthday day!!

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