Friday, September 27, 2013

#FreeviewFriday Part IX : Eye of the Soul #Fantasy #Excerpt

Welcome to Freeview Friday! Thanks J.A.Belfield for this awesome idea.

Each week I'm going to share a little snippet of my debut fantasy  novel, Eye of the Soul, which releases from J. Taylor Publishing on Oct. 7th. 

I hope you'll follow along each week and get a feel for Hyla and her world. If you missed part IV it can be found HERE.


A chill swept up her spine as the birds’ songs cut off in abrupt silence.

Hyla froze, foot suspended above the ground. Branches swayed in the breeze far above her head, rubbing against each other and groaning.

She lowered her foot. Sudden movement flickered ahead of her on the deer path she followed. Her breath caught as black flashed again.

No animal that large walked on Taran’s shores.

Pulse thudding in her ears, Hyla tried slowing her heart by drawing slow measured breaths. It didn’t work.

The figure moved forward and came into full view. A wolf. 


Hope you enjoyed it! Be sure to stop back next week.

As J.A. Belfield has said, any and all are welcome to join her in this weekly shenanigan. HOWEVER, if you do so, she URGES you to keep the shared snippets short and sweet. Mine (like hers) will be a maximum of TEN (10) sentences. To help identification of these posts, we’ll be hashtagging them (for Twitter purposes) as #FreeviewFriday. Feel free to knick said hashtag for your own Freeview Friday posts. Hope you’ll join us!

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