Thursday, November 28, 2013

Ah Life ... How Thankful I Am!

Sorry for my personalized blogging absence!!!

I decided it was time to get back in the groove, so to jump-start my bum I'm going to share what's been happening in my life the last 2 months - the reasons (excuses) for my missing in action.

#1 Kindergarten and preschool started for my two daughters. TEARS!

#2 Got rear ended on the way to the hospital for a prenatal monitoring. Go figure.

#3 Baby #3 arrived - my big-boy son, Luke. More tears, but this time not mine.

#4 My almost 4-yr-old daughter, Emily, decided to fall off the swing set ladder and break both bones in her right forearm only TEN days after Luke was born. NOT pretty.

#5 Three weeks later, Emily's left hand didn't get off the front door jam fast enough. REALLY not pretty. Reattaching the tip of her finger required a bit of surgery.

I'll premise the next two with this: 
We live in a construction zone, fixer-upper.

#6 Drywall was finally hung on the entire first floor. Talk about a dusty mess!! Fine, powdery film all over every inch of the house - 2nd floor included. More tears for mommy, the maid. 

#7 Plasterers came in the following two days to put a nice skim coat over the drywall - and splatter wet mud ALL over.  Mommy the maid knew the mess was on its way, but seriously. M.E.S.S.

Oh. Forgot to mention that NO furniture - NOTHING - could be in our living space for #6 and #7. My living room furniture and kitchen cabinets became lawn ornaments for three days. Yippee!

And finally ...

#8 My debut novel, Eye of the Soul, released during this time along with its 4 week blog tour.

Yeah. This was me every morning for the past 2 months ... 

But all is better now.

I'm just thankful to be here ... and alive.  


What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving Day?


  1. I'm thankful that you had the fortitude to get through the last two months with a mind intact. Happy Thanksgiving, Wonder Woman.

    1. LOL! Wonder Woman - I wish!

      Thanks for stopping by, DeNise.

  2. I love you. :-) Big hugs, honey. It'll all come together soon. Things are already on the mend. You have the patience of a saint and a temperament that warms the heart.

    1. I don't know about the patience part! ha!!

      Things really are getting better. Em is doing great & can restart her gymnastics next month.

      Thanks for stopping by & reading my ramblings. Hugs!