Friday, November 8, 2013

Imagination is a Wonderful Thing - Diane Green #WritersLife

Imagination is a Wonderful Thing

Before I started writing fantastical tales, I read them, and before that, I begged older people to read them to me. The first books I remember vividly, were Dr. Seuss's The Lorax and J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit. I was about four, at the time, and my mother read to the family every evening.

I loved The Lorax so much, I memorized it. My mom still has a cassette tape recording of me reciting the whole book, before I even knew the alphabet. As goofy as it sounds, reading The Lorax aloud can still make me cry. It's a brilliant plea for environmental responsibility, while also lifting the reader into a different world.

And then there is The Hobbit, still one of my favorite books, partly because the images I formed in my mind, listening to it as a child, were so compelling and marvelous. That book lived and breathed for me, the elves at Rivendell, orcs in the misty mountains, and spiders in Mirkwood. I went on a journey with the dwarves and Bilbo, riveted every step of the way.

Fantasy and science fiction offer vast scope for the imagination. They transport us to alternate pasts, potential futures, realms of enchantment and possibility. Frankly, when I pick up a book for enjoyment, I want to be taken somewhere. There's enough "real-world-here-and-now" in my life already. With reading I want a voyage, a discovery, an opening portal.

The same is true when I write. I enter the world of the story and live there for as long as I’m creating that book. I fall in love with the characters. The setting becomes vivid and real for me, like a free vacation to distant exotic lands.

Whether it be the future frontier of a colony planet, or the lush landscape of a fantasy kingdom, I invite you to travel with me.

Happy Reading

Diana Green

 New Sion

Pretending to be a man isn’t easy. Finn Colville has pulled it off for years, but things get complicated when she falls for her new bounty hunting partner, Eamon Sullivan. On the planet New Sion, it’s against the law for a woman to wear pants and carry a gun, much less shoot people for a living. What will happen if Eamon discovers her secret?

On a backwater planet, at the edge of a galactic war, one man, one woman, and one desperate alien cross paths. Together they embark on the road trip of a lifetime, bound for revelation and redemption.

This book is available at Champagne BooksAmazon, and other retailers.

 Author Bio

Since her childhood, growing up in New Zealand, Diana has been an avid storyteller. For years she enjoyed teaching art and special education, while continuing to write as a hobby. After she developed chronic fatigue syndrome, a career change was necessary, but happily this led her to become a professional author.

Diana’s favorite genres are fantasy, science fiction, historical, and romance. She currently lives in beautiful Washington State where she writes for Champagne Books and The Wild Rose Press.

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  1. That's why I like science fiction and fantasy. I want to enter a whole new world.

  2. New Sion sounds like an excellent concept - I really enjoyed your post! I read science fiction a lot many years ago. Hmm. Maybe it's time to pick up the genre again. Best wishes on your release!

  3. The concept of New Sion is intriguing! I read Sci Fi quite a bit when I was younger. Maybe it's time to pick up the genre again...