Monday, February 10, 2014

The Purloined Skull by Velda Brotherton #Mystery

The Purloined Skull-#1 A Twist of Poe Mysteries

Blurb: The bones waited in eerie silence, sad remnants of someone’s life. They made no sound, put off no stench, nor were they impatient to be identified. Just a pile of bones, that’s all.

When dogs dig up a human skeleton people in Cedarton, Arkansas learn that murder can happen even in a small town in the Ozarks. Dal Starr, the newly hired crime scene investigator balks at having local reporter Jessie Stone tag along on his investigation. Sparks fly between the two as they try to learn who was buried under a bluff and who killed him. The discovery of a lost skull threatens to reveal hidden secrets and end two careers.  

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Along the road that curled out of Cedarton, a speeding white car
left a trail of dust in its wake, its roof reflecting bright shards of light.
Sheriff Mac headed for the crime scene, and as usual he was flying
low, lights flashing, siren silent so as not to stir up the cattle grazing
on both sides of the road. The curious animals raised their heads,
jaws moving, and stared at the interloper.

She rose and waved both arms over her head.

The patrol car went into a skid that put its front wheels on the
narrow lane to Kyle’s place. Out of the ford of the creek, another wild
slide and the SUV rocked to a stop near her Jeep, bumper dripping
water. You’d have thought she’d reported a shoot-out in progress.
For a moment a dust cloud obscured the cruiser. Out of that settling
debris two men appeared like aliens off a mist-shrouded spaceship.
Just like in the movies. She expected to see men in black with
dark glasses, outrageous weapons in their hands, perhaps even a little
green monster or two. Instead, there appeared the lanky sheriff in
his gray Stetson, a roll of crime scene tape dangling from one hand,
and beside him a stranger. Tall, well built, with skin like tarnished
copper. A black tee shirt showed off wide shoulders and a flat belly,
tight jeans hugged some fine equipment and long muscular legs carried
him toward her with the mere vestige of a limp.

Sometimes God was good.


Velda Brotherton has always loved to read mysteries, but in her long writing career, she has just recently had the first in A Twist of Poe series published, featuring Deputy Dallas Starr and reporter Jessie West. The Purloined Skull title she twisted from Poe's The Purloined Letter. She writes from an office in the home she shares with her husband. Located on ten acres of land that borders against the Ozark National Forest in Arkansas, she often goes for days without seeing another human being. Visitors include herds of deer, red foxes, bobcats and occasionally a shy black bear, along with all the tiny critters that live in7 the Ozarks. Since 1988 she has been multiply published in historical nonfiction and fiction, as well as short stories and articles.
Velda is the co-chair of a large critique group, she mentors young writers, holds workshops and speaks at conferences.

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