Thursday, May 1, 2014

Never thought we'd see the end of winter... #WritersLife

Did anyone else want to kill Old Man Winter or Jack Frost this winter?

I did. Ten times over, at least. I imagined a knife in hand as I crept up on their unsuspecting arses...

Yeah. Imagine the fluffy, white coated mess after I slashed until my arms hung limp.

*clears throat*


Here in New England, the snow fell early and didn't seem to want to end. The last traces vanished only a little over a week ago. A WEEK AGO.

And during that time here's what went down in the Rochenski household...

Massive head / chest colds  - ALL THREE CHILDREN - THREE times. Dad climbed aboard that train twice, and I actually fell to the mighty germs once. 

Ear infections - ALL THREE CHILDREN - twice. TWICE, peeps. That's three doses of antibiotics twice a day for ten days. TWICE this winter.

Pink Eye - ALL THREE CHILDREN at the same time. Thank God only once! 2 eye drops per eye, 4 times a day, per child. That's 48 drops total each day FOR SEVEN DAYS, and included having to hold one down in order to get it done! NOT fun.

Croup - the poor Little Man had it TWICE. Talk about some nasty tasting steroids! At least he's too small to know to cover his mouth or spit the gross medicine out.

Funky virus / itching - both girls had a weird 48 hour rash all over their bodies that itched the ever living daylights out of them. AND they refused to take Benadryl. Fun times.

Funky 48 hour stomach bug - both girls hugged a pot for 48 hours, unable to even keep water down. At least it only came out of one end...

Needless to say, I am SO ready for warmer weather. The windows need opened to get all the tiny, ugly germs OUT! Supposed to be over 60 today, so fingers crossed!!!

I need to get digging in my garden.

I need to push that stroller & run after my girls on their bikes, hopefully losing those last 5 pregnancy pounds that are still clinging in the form of a muffin top. (I WILL wear a bikini this summer!!!)

I need to soak up some Vit D.

I need to relax on a lawn chair, pen & clipboard in hand and get some writing done (FINALLY!!!) while my little chitlins play outside.

Other than that? As long as it's warm & we all stay healthy, I don't much care.


How 'bout you? Want to kill winter? Make it through the season unscathed? 

Ready for summer? Have any big plans?


  1. We have finally come into spring here. Of course, that means spring thunderstorms, so we are a bit soggy right now.
    Your kids have been sick magnets, haven't they?

    1. Soggy is right.

      Sick magnets because my oldest started kindergarten. She's brought everything home to share. Sweet, huh?? The pediatrician said it's normal when the oldest goes to school that sickness runs rampant. A year or two, and she said their immune systems will have strengthened from it all. Thank GOD. This mommy needs a breather!