Wednesday, December 10, 2014

#TeaserTenth Love's Revenge sneak peek!! #Historical #Romance

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Love's Revenge
Means of Mercy #2
Historical Romance
Publisher: Roane Publishing
Release Date: Jan 26, 2015

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The young boy grasped my bag’s handle with his free hand and spun, dark curls falling into his eyes as he said, “Follow me!”

He pushed into the crowd, and with a deep breath to prepare myself for its stench, I hurried after him.

“Come along, miss lady!” He hollered back at me before disappearing between skirts and overcoats once more.

Within seconds I lost sight of his bobbing dark head, and I strained upward on my toes. My mouth opened to call after him, but I snapped it shut as I caught a glimpse of him near the depot’s exit.

Twinkling eyes and a grin over his shoulder accompanied the boy’s wave.

Crowd pressing against me, I pushed through regardless of the curses my purposeful striding caused. I broke through the throng and stumbled to a stop beneath the darkening sky. Peering left and right, I found no trace of the boy.

He had disappeared.