Friday, March 27, 2015

The Surrogate Sea by Danielle E. Shipley #Fantasy #Giveaway

They say I am broken, for I cannot speak.
The East Wind scorns, the North Wind sneers,
While West Wind’s mouth turns down in pity.
A pity that Wind of the South and Sea
Can have no daughter more than me.
No power of my own, but only
Silent shadows of their strengths.

They say my name –
Say “little Great one” –
Meaning one and not the other.
They think me small.
They think me nothing.
They wonder that my father storms
And mother swells
To hear such talk,
For is the talk not true?

They call me weak.
They call me dumb.

They say
They say
They say

I say

Without a word
Without a sound
Or with a song that flows and blows
With music sprung up from my spirit
Melodies of meaning

With a gesture
With a dance
A glance, a tilt, a twist, a touch
What I say in what you see
Meaning in the movement

Look and listen.
Stop and watch me.
See the speech inside my silence –
Truths I speak where words would stumble.
Use your eyes,
Your ears,
Your core.

Silence. Listen.
There it is.

I say
I say
I say

I am

Not wind, not Sea,
But both, and neither.
Born of each,
By both beloved.
Judged worthy in their hearts,
And mine.

And you
Hear me
Music echoing on long after song is done.


  1. Thank you for the feature, Terri! 'Tis much appreciated. ^_^

    1. Any time, lovey! Congrats, and best of luck!