Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Dreaded Line Edits

I've heard horror stories. Seriously. Like the kind that make your stomach clench - the kind that makes bile rise up the back of your throat. Ok. Maybe that was a bit extreme, but still. Since these are the next step in my journey to publication, I've been watching my email like an obsessed, nervous animal.

What are line edits, you ask?

It's when a REAL editor fine-tooth combs your manuscript - line by line - for grammar, logic, flow, story, clarity, sentence structure, specific errors, overuse of words, and many other elements.


Well, I got mine for Sacrificial Oath which will be featured in the Make Believe Anthology from J. Taylor Publishing due out December 3rd. The email said (and I quote):

"Feel free to talk with me if you need to vent or scream. And yes, I will forewarn you, you likely will. That's the editing process."

Needless to say, I procrastinated an hour before opening the email's attachment. I expected to do this:

And, how did I respond?

I was pleasantly surprised. They weren't too bad. Imagine that!! All the anxiety for nothing. Sure there were a few grammar issues, and the editor offered a couple of changes in word choice and sentence variations, but that was it.

I actually felt good. Relieved. By the time I post this blog, I should be done making changes.


Till I get the 2nd round back from her, that is.  ;)

Have you ever received a similiar dreaded email? Did it prompt heart-stopping anxiety? Are you still waiting for this day in your dream to arrive? Keep writing. It will.


  1. That's awesome. Congratulations on finishing your first round edits.

  2. Wonderful! I hope you get through the whole process with very little hair-pulling, LOL.