Thursday, May 17, 2012

Me? A Brand??

While trying to do the A-Z weekly blogging (self-inflicted) challenge, I've noticed something.

I'm off course.

I had intended my blog to be a record of my writing journey - my scribbling sojourn. Lately I've jumped on the book review / reveals bandwagon, straying from my original purpose. Now that I've begun blogging on a regular basis, I'm going to drop the A-Z and just do my weekly Thursday updates.

Book reviews, cover reveals, and blog touring will be posted as scheduled or released.

All that for this: Today's update.

I got my marketing kit yesterday from J. Taylor Publishing, who offered me a contract for Sacrificial Oath in their Make Believe Anthology due to release in December. Well. I read through all 50 pages this morning, and good Lord do I have have a lot to do in the coming months!!

According to them, I am now a brand. Like Coca-cola.

Yup. I find it amusing, too. What a climb this will be - ONWARD to world wide recognition like the best soda on the face of the earth. Uh ... yeah. Right.

Gotta start somewhere, though.

While a daunting task, I'm excited to be involved in my own marketing. Networking, newsletters, tweeting, facebook, enticing friends & family's to help with word of mouth, blog tours ... sigh. That's all I can say. Thank GOD JTP has it all mapped out into a 20 week program. Otherwise it would be way too overwhelming. I'm hoping to get some volunteers!

*hint hint*

Anyhoo ...

Have you been involved in marketing your own name? Any tried & found 'true' methods that worked for you? Suggestions? Advice on what NOT to do?


  1. Sounds like a lot of work, but as a fellow writer I not only think you are up to the challenge, but your writing is worth it- I've read what you can do.

    1. What a way to start my day! Thanks so much, Summer, for your words of encouragement. I don't really start this task till later this summer, but I've been trying to get a kick start w/ networking & finding readers of my genre.

  2. Well, at least you are here with your blog rolling. You have one thing you can check off your list.

    Any lookey-there. That's your pretty face smiling back at me.

    Hmmmmmm.... so far, so good girly-girl!

  3. Thanks so much for your encouragement, Jenn. I wouldn't have been able to do it if not for the Scribo Sisters!!! Priceless help. :) But, you know that, don't ya??

  4. The best advice I can give is use a calendar or diary to keep track. Mark in there what needs doing when, and set reminders if you can so you don't miss them. That way, you're not constantly reading through the marketing schedule and trying to figure out if you're missed anything or what's coming up next. And you already know my thoughts in pre-scheduling posts. If you know you have an announcement to make/post to write, why wait until the last second if you can do it right away and have one less thing to concentrate on? :o)

  5. Since you've told me about them, I learned how to pre-schedule the posts. I wasn't hitting 'publish' though. I was just saving them. That's why they weren't posting.

    I'm using my Microsoft Calendar thingy. Works WONDERS. I have the whole marketing kit just about put in there. Color-coded & all. Even when I need to pre-blog an upcoming blog tour / sending out questions, etc. All different colors. hehehe OCD much???!!?!?!?