Thursday, May 31, 2012

Happy Anniversary To Me!!!

My anniversary was yesterday, but I waited for my regular schedule blog day to share what I've been thinking a LOT lately ...

 "How do you balance life and writing?"

When I ask other writers, the usual answer I get is they make the time to write. Unfortunately, with 2 little kids at home with me all day, I can't do that. I'm told, 'Get up earlier. Write at night.'

Getting up early is out because my daughters are up and in arms by 6:00 am. And till hubs is home, fed, & the kiddos sleeping, my brain is fried.

So how do I do it? In 1 to 5 minute segments. If all is quiet in the Rochenski household for more than those 5 minutes, though, I'm more than likely in trouble. Permanent marker on faces and walls, large bottles of baby powder opened to create a winter wonderland inside a bedroom ... UGH. A nice scent, but NOT easy clean up!

On the rare occasion that I wake up at 5, mind churning over a scene or chapter, I jump from bed and write like mad before my real life begins for the day. Doesn't happen too often.

For me it's all about priorities and balance.

Some days I need to forgo staring at my laptop to read Dr. Seuss till my ears ring. Some evenings I sit and watch American Picker re-runs for the health of my marriage. I carry a small notebook & pen in the diaper bag just in case inspiration strikes during gymnastics class or while I'm barreling through the grocery story.

I do what I can when I can. Writing is what I do for myself. It's the ONLY thing I do for myself. Chances are I won't ever make it to the best sellers list, but that's alright cuz my precious family is the most important thing in my life. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Do you make time to write? Steal snippets of time whenever available?

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