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Allie's Sex Drive Explained - #CharacterInterview BONUS sneak peak at Requiem, Halos #2 by @KeriLake!!!

Hey! Thanks for stopping in. I'm uber excited to share with you my interview with Allie, the MC of Somnium, a kick @$$ paranormal romance by the awesome Keri Lake.  Join us & I'll pour you a glass of delish red vino.

             I walk into Dooley’s a little before eight. The bar is bustling, dim and loud. I ignore the crowd and make my way to an empty booth beyond the pool tables in the back corner.

Choosing to face the door, I slide on the wooden bench and glance around the room. A handful of middle-aged men ogle the young women scantily clad in come-hither clothing. A couple of college punks are playing pool, gulping beer and slapping backs. A group of ladies my age, doubtless on a girls’ night out, lift glasses of mixed drinks, their laughter loud and abandoned.

One of the waitresses swings by and asks what I want to drink. I order two glass of Merlot, hoping Allie doesn’t mind.

A woman at least ten years younger than me walks through the entrance at precisely eight o’clock. Odd eyes the color of butterscotch land on me and a smile lights her face. She’s beautiful, with long auburn-brown locks brushing against a comfy-looking blue sweater that clings just enough to garner a man’s gaze.

Weaving through the crowd, she draws more than one appreciative stare from the older and younger guys alike.

“Allie?” I ask, standing to shake her hand. “I’m Terri. Thanks so much or agreeing to meet with me.”

“No problem.”

She sits across from me, and I pull out a small notepad from my purse. Favorite Bic pen poised I dive in as she swirls the wine.  “So. You’re an engineer, working for the military. A bit intimidating. How do you deal with all the male attention? Love it? Hate it?”

“I know a lot of women would probably consider it a dreamboat career to work with a bunch of men all day long – but it comes with some challenges.”  She takes a sip of her Merlot.  “The labor pack on the Portsmouth job is cool – even Snark has his moments.  But man, what I wouldn’t give for a little girl-talk every once in a while!”

I smile. “Well, then, let’s get to it! Where does your male-like sex drive come from? Seriously. Your obsession with Colton is … well obsessive. You remind me of a male polar bear I saw on Animal Planet following his mate around, food and sleep disregarded in hopes of capturing her eye.”

Allie blushes. “Can I just tell you, there is something about him that I cannot explain!  Obviously, I’ve been around men…a lot.  But when I’m near him, it’s like my brain gets scrambled.  I actually FEEL something when we touch.” She leans forward, voice lowering. “Seriously, it’s like this impulse that moves through my body.  My mom always told me that sparks would fly when I met the right guy.  I didn’t think she meant that so literally!”

“Maybe it’s because he’s an angel – or whatever he is. Anyway, knowing your guardian angel has got to rock. Having been rescued from death on more than one occasion, you must be tempted to do all those things you never would have considered before. Sky diving? Splunking? Both would scare the crap outta me!”

Laughter bubbles. “Well, my angel’s made it clear to me that he’s not supposed to be saving my life.  And, well, you know, a lot of my life-threatening situations are based on my own stupidity, usually.  I’m not sure I would willingly jump out of an airplane and skydive.  In my case, I’d probably accidentally fall out of one.”

“Speaking of His Hotness, doesn’t the fact that he’s not human bother you? Cause fear in any way?”

“It made me a little nervous at first.” Allie takes another sip, her face thoughtful. “But it goes back to what I was saying before.  When I’m around him, there is this inexplicable calm.  You know, like when you’ve known the person forever.  I just had a sense he wouldn’t hurt me.  I guess my willingness to give others the benefit of doubt extends to non-human species too.”

I realize I haven’t written a single thing on my notepad. I push it away and swig my Merlot. “Non-human species and hot. Like Drew.”

She nods.

“Dark, brooding, beautiful Drew.” I down the last of my wine and lean on the table, chin in hand. “Any insight on why he is so … all over the place emotion-wise? His personality, or lack thereof, would have made me snap. Why didn’t you?”

Perfectly groomed brows furrow. “Drew is another case.  He had this way of drawing women in, charming them, in spite of all that brooding stuff.  Of course, now I totally get why, which explains pretty much everything.  To be honest, I felt the need to tread carefully with Drew.  I wasn’t interested in being walked on by the guy but at the same time, something inside of me told me that I better not ruffle his feathers, no matter how pretty they were.”

“Feathers.” I snicker. “Good one.”

She laughs and movement by the door draws my attention.

A sun-kissed Greek god walks in, broad shoulders barely clearing the door frame. Flawless complexion and chiseled jaw – just like I like them. Black hair buzzed in a military crew cut sets off sea-blue eyes that shimmer as he scans the bar. 

“Good Lord have mercy,” I breathe. “Would you look at that.”

Allie glances over her shoulder. “Colton.”

His gaze lands on Allie and he arcs a brow.

A gasped ‘Oh’ escapes her lips. Leaping to her feet, she drops enough money on the table for her wine and a small tip. “Gotta go!”

“Well it was nice to meet you,” I say although she’s already halfway across the bar. Couldn’t blame her. If a man looked at me like that I’d run without a backward glance too.

I sigh and raise my glass toward the waitress.

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And now for a sneak peak at Requiem (Halos #2)!!!!!!

The stench of burning flesh seeped into Zavriel’s nose and watered his eyes.  Air, thick with ash, forced a cough out of him.  Everywhere he looked, death lay in charred reminders of the mere hours that would’ve saved lives had they arrived sooner. 

His paces slowed upon reaching the center of the village where soldiers lined either side of the path.  He examined their expressions - something akin to disturbance and awe. 

The distinct cry of an infant reached his ears. 

Zavriel took quick but cautious steps toward a blazing pyre in what would’ve been the village square.  The cries came from the other side of the flame.  His head snapped back and forth.  “You would watch this child burn?” 

Eyes of the surrounding soldiers diverted away.  Not a word spoken.

Zavriel removed his gauntlets, threw them to the ground, and reached through the flames, blindly grasping for what he feared to find.  The metal plates of armor instantly warmed through his wool tunic and the heat licked his face.  Smooth skin met his fingertips while his hands searched then slipped beneath the tiny bundle.  His heart leapt into his throat as he passed an infant child through the curtain of fire.

Completely naked and unaffected by the burn, her skin, white as the new snow, bared not a single mark from the blaze. 

Perfectly intact.

Eyes, an odd amber like the flames from whence she came, stared up at him.

The baby silenced in Zavriel’s arms.

“Half-breed?”  Donthel asked from behind.

“Her skin would have scorched,” – Zavriel’s voice mirrored the disbelief in his thoughts – “and yet, it is smooth as woven silk.”  His calloused fingertips brushed gently against the baby’s arm.  Goosebumps formed on her skin and she suckled her fingers. 

“She is not our kind, Zavriel.”  Donthel’s grip curled tight around Zavriel’s arm.  “Leave her, your Grace.  I fear this is an omen.”

Zavriel’s eyes scanned the surrounding men. 

Their faces, with curled lips and furrowed brows, revealed contempt in spite of their silence.

Adrenaline coursed through his body, but his breathing remained steady.  Unmoved.  A sudden desire to protect the baby bloomed inside of him.

Muscles tense, Zavriel’s gaze settled back upon Donthel.  “Your fears are rooted in silly mythology, my most trusted confidant.”  Zavriel jerked his arm free from Donthel’s grasp, eyes locked and challenging, then looked down at the infant child who’d fallen asleep in the crook of his elbow, still suckling her fingers.  He wrapped part of his black cape across his breastplate and part around the baby then pulled her into his chest.  “Bring me something proper to wrap this child.”

Ok. I don't know about YOU, but I cannot wait for this book to come out!!! Grrrrrrrrrr. Watcha think? Gunna nab it? Beg to beta read? I think I just might have to do that ....

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