Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Idle Hands? Get Creative! #WWW by Keri Neal #WritersLife

Welcome to another WWW! 

Today book cover designer and author, Keri Neal, is visiting to share a bit about being a hands-on writer & being creative.

Take it away, Keri!


Idle Hands

I am a hands-on writer.

I mean that literally: my writing is at its best when I am doing something with my hands. I’m pretty sure this is linked to the brain somehow. Maybe the part of my brain that controls motor functions is near the part that controls imaginative processes. I’m not really sure, I failed Human Anatomy in college. Twice. So I’m going to go on pretending this is true and hopefully not offend any neurologists who may be reading this.

My favorite thing in the whole wide world is to curl up with a book and block out the world. Unfortunately if I’m reading, I’m not writing. I know people who can read, bake a cake, study French and run a household all while working on several manuscripts at once. I do not work this way. I write one manuscript at a time, and I can’t read anything new before that manuscript is published.

If writing is the only creative thing I did I would absolutely crazy. Thanks to my lovely grandmother I learned to crochet at a very young age. That hobby has stuck with me throughout my life and become a very useful tool in my writing. While my fingers run through the yarn and the hook whips my work-in-progress into shape, inside my brain a million synapses are whipping together worlds that will soon be transferred to words on a page.

Many writers have things that inspire them to write. Where does your inspiration come from?



Keri Neal designs book covers. Flightless is her fourth published book. She lives near Austin, Texas with her husband, two children, two hamsters and a snake. She crochets, sews, reads, paints and loves all things artsy & craftsy.    

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With his soul on the line, Pen cannot protect Jade if his feelings keep getting in the way. But with Jade’s soul on the line, he must protect her from unearthly forces who want her blood. Will the truth redeem them, or tear them apart?

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  1. Thank you having me today Terri!

  2. I only work on one manuscript at a time.
    I play guitar, so that's my other creative outlet.

  3. I, too, like to do things with my hands. I like being creative and I think it absolutely goes hand in hand with writing. I've built furniture, made jewelry, crochet, I won't go on, but you get the picture.