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Meet the authors of Hearts of Valor! #Romance @RoanePublishing #Giveaway!

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I'm thrilled to have my fellow authors here today from the Hearts of Valor anthology!! I wanted to know what their favorite military theme movie was & why. Here's what they had to say...

London Saint James:
Saving Private Ryan. Why? It was just one of those movies where I cried, and cried. Not sure why I like movies that make me cry. Perhaps it’s cathartic.

T.E. Hodden:
Oddly I am sucker for one of the worst movies ever made. There is something wonderful about Escape To Victory. Not least because it is a war movie that is about hope, and human spirit rather than combat. I know it is odd that a film should make light of a war, but the idea that some of the greatest footballers in the world need to be told how to play by Michael Caine and Sylvester Stallone is just glorious.

S.L. Hughson:
This is a hard one because I love military movies. I mean, men in uniform? What’s not to like? I’ll say Top Gun, and the reason is obvious. Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer without shirts, playing beach volleyball. Enough said.

Jean Young:
Pearl Harbor is my favorite military movie. It is courageous and romantic at the same time—what can beat that? Seriously, the movie is okay, but it was Danny Walker (played by Josh Hartnett) who inspired me to write. He was handsome, no doubt, and brave. However, in my opinion, he wasn’t loved in the way he deserved to be loved. And I decided on the spot as I was watching the movie that if I ever wrote a love story, I would “love” my hero wholeheartedly.

Philip Lisagor:
Platoon, which shows the ambiguous battle of good and evil and brings the viewer into the ‘fog of battle.’

Terri Rochenski:
The Patriot. I loved Mel Gibson’s character and the arc of his story line. So much grief, sorrow, and love wrapped into a few hours … LOVE!


Hearts of Valor
by Various Authors
Genre: Romance Anthology (Sweet)
Publisher: Roane Publishing
Release Date: January 13, 2016
Keywords: Romance, Anthology, Sweet, military, veteran, war, POW, bravery

Description: It takes a heart of valor to survive love's battlefield.

Six veteran themed romantic tales brimming with love and sacrifice are sure to show us all what it truly means to have a Heart of Valor.
Hero of Her Heart - S.L. Hughson
Feathers - T.E.Hodden
A Manly Man - Jean Young
Goin' Home - Philip Lisagor
The Promise - London Saint James
Promises Kept - Terri Rochenski

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  1. Yeah, I love THE PATRIOT, too. Like I said, too many good movies to choose just one (like I have ONE favorite book, I don't think so), thus I decided to go with the light-hearted romance angle.
    Thanks for the shout out on "our" newest release.