Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I had planned on doing the whole A-Z blog fest for the next 36 days, or however long it's supposed to run, but decided a weekly A-Z would be a big accomplishment for me.  Planned on starting tomorrow & doing them every Wednesday.

Then I finished up 1st round edits on my current WIP.  Yes.  Finished.  As in D.O.N.E.

So there goes the whole 'A' blog I had scribbled on a sheet of paper for tomorrow.  This 'A' is for accomplishment.  One I'm damned proud of & couldn't wait to share.

:)  Done anything to be proud of lately?  Sent out a sub?  Finished a short or flash piece?  Tackled a new novel?


  1. I just got to be a guest blogger on a semi-popular website and it was really fun to mingle with lots of readers. It's a small accomplishment but its the little things that keep me going :)

  2. Hey, Circle Pal.

    That is great news. Pat yourself on the back or throw a party. (Do both :-))

    I'm proud of you.