Thursday, April 26, 2012

D: Divert

I'm posting a day early because I'm heading to the internet-less boondocks tomorrow.
I'm also cheating with this post, but for good reason.

J. Taylor Publishing is releasing an anthology, TIDAL WHISPERS, in June of this year. I was lucky enough to meet each of the four contributing authors this past year on the best writer's forum on the face of the earth, Scribophile. Figured it's only right to help promote their work.

SO, I'm diverting you to my oldest (known time that is *wink*) beta bud, Kelly Said's, blog. She's released an excerpt from her story, Pearl of Pau'maa.


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  1. Terri! You. Are. The. Best.

    And I'll have waaay more to say, * S O O N *