Friday, April 13, 2012

Book Review: Mended Hearts

A sensual western by Olivia Devereaux
When Ella’s husband dies, she’s left to wonder what life in the rugged frontier has in store for her.  It’s not until a mysterious stranger comes along that she learns to love again.
The old western frontier came alive in this short, enjoyable read.  The scenes are rich—the visuals and style transported me to Ella’s homestead.  I heard the clucking chickens and howling coyotes, felt her calloused, cracked hands, and watched dust devils spin across the land.
There is a wealth of emotion in this little nugget that could have been better utilized to draw out my empathy.  While I was easily caught up with Ms. Devereaux’ easy writing style and spot-on voice, I wanted more.  I couldn’t imagine losing a husband on the frontier and being forced to buck up for the sake of my only child.  There is a ton of tension and internal conflict beneath this story’s layers that I would have loved to experience.
Fact is I just didn’t want this story to end.  I wanted to taste more.  Feel more of Ella’s heartache and the joy of finding love again with Travis.  He found redemption and she a mended heart, but it was just TOO quick for me, but in a good way.

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