Friday, April 20, 2012

C: Chips (Middleswarth, That Is)

What?!?!?! You've never heard of Middleswarth chips? Never tasted their BBQ numminess? 
You've not lived.

Middleburg, Pennsylvania made, they're my ultimate favorite & bed drool inducing chips of all time.

While recently visiting my old stomping grounds, I aquired two large bags of BBQ along with a pack of Selter's Lebanon Bologna.

Never heard of that either??? Get a life.

So here I sit on this sunny Friday back home in good old MA with a lunch containing both of these yummy PA natives.

What's on your plate for lunch? What's your favorite chip?


  1. LOL

    Noooooooooo, I've never heard of either of these. The crisps look yummy. Can't get those here though.


  2. You'll be waiting awhile. I can't even get them here in MA!!! I stock up when I get home to the farm. :)

  3. Kay & Ray's dark potato chips, also a PA exclusive chip... and Lebanon bologna with cream cheese...yum.