Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What's It Like To Sign The 'Big' Contract? #EotS #publishing

Scribbler's Sojourn was originally started as a diary of sorts for my journey to publication in the hopes that I could inspire or help others. I got off course for awhile, but some big stuff has happened in the last 2 months - a big contract, covers, blurbs, and the list goes on. Needless to say, it's time to revamp here a smidge.

My plan is to share one personal post a week about the process of getting that manuscript into printed form.

I hope you'll follow along & share in my journey. Perhaps I can help you along your own sojourn!

The submission and signing

In November I subbed my fantasy Pool of Soul series to J. Taylor Publishing, and I just had to share my fragmented thoughts & actions immediately following their 2-book contract offer.

There's nothing quite like getting that email from the publisher, subject line - 'Re: Submission'. Know what I'm talking about? Ever experience it?

Heart leaps. Palms sweat. I don't know about the rest of you, but my armpits tingled.

I stared until I couldn't stand the anxiety any longer. I clicked on the email.

"We enjoyed ... " blah blah blah

 *skimmed to the good part*

"We are happy to extend to you this offer of publication of Pool of Souls (series) ..."

I saw nothing else as a huge

 escaped my lips. 

Of course, my squeeeee was louder - and longer. 

They then went on to know if I'm interested. 


Um ... YES! A few days later, a longer email with attachments galore arrived. 


*Scurried to read. Drew breath. Re-read* 

Initialed pages. Signed. Told myself to breathe again. Squeeeeeed again.

Scanned and emailed back.

Official PR document needed put together - photo, bio, and a few questions about the series and its inspiration. The PR was scheduled for Dec. 17th.

During that time, self-doubt swamped my mind like a muddy bog. Could I write the 2nd book before their deadline? What happened if they hated the series ending? I'm JTP's first fantasy debut author - my story will represent what they want, what they look for in an author. They're taking a huge chance with me. ME!

*Wrung hands, squeeed some more, bit nails*

FINALLY PR day arrived. I squeeeeed to the cyber world and into the phone, announcing that I had signed that big 2-book contract.

JTP's projections are for an October 7th release for the first installment, Eye of the Soul, and so far so good! 

While I still have niggling thoughts here & there, I am totally stoked. I want this manuscript to be the best it CAN be. If I touch a single reader's life, change their outlook, or inspire them to strive onward, I will have succeeded.

*Flying high*

Still am.

Next Wednesday I'm going to share about the cover making process, so be sure to stop back!

Gotten any good news lately? How did you react?


  1. I didn't squee (be a little unmanly) but I did let out an exclamation that can't be repeated. Followed by a goofy but stunned expression, because I never expected anyone would want that book. Or the second. Or the third!