Saturday, December 8, 2012

Can Kelly Said Keep A Secret?

Welcome to my week-long Meet The Author fest! We've been  focusing on the six lovely ladies of the Make Believe Anthology from J. Taylor Publishing that released December 3rd!

Today we're meeting with one of my oldest (time-wise!!!) beta buds.

 Kelly Said

YA Author, Cookie Monster, & Caffeine Sipper.

Tell us why we should read your story.

For the mystery and magic, hehe!

What is the first thing you thought of upon seeing the picture prompt for the Make Believe Anthology?

I was very curious about the object in the background, it looked like a natural rock formation, but upon closer examination, I thought I saw a castle in those jagged peaks…

Which came first: The story or the character?

The character came first, the girl in the red cloak. I spent a lot of time wondering about her, how she got there, what she was doing in the middle of a snowy field, leaving no footprints or any trace of her travels. The story spiraled out from there.

How did you choose your setting?

I let the photo prompt dictate the setting.

Is there a moral behind your story?

Well, I had no particular moral in mind when I wrote it, but I suppose after reading it, the story unfolds as a gentle reminder to be thankful for the time we have with each other.

What is your favorite body part?

My hands, even though my fingers are a bit short they’re mighty strong, flexible and gentle when needed. 

If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you would do?

Pay off everything, give huge to my favorite charities and then travel the world on a private jet, stay in posh hotels, order room service, and shop for gifts for friends and family.

What is your favorite holiday and how do you celebrate it?

Birthdays are the most fun, it’s so awesome to get together and celebrate the day your favorite someone came into this world. 

If you had to spend a day not using any technology, what would you do?

REEEEAD! :D hehehe, I would read all day long, by candlelight if I had to.

What habit would you be willing to give up if it guaranteed you would live to be 100?


Can you keep secrets?

Yes, yes I can, hehe! 

Describe a time you didn't. (Keep a secret.)

Confession, at church. ;)

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Meet the other ladies of Make Believe:  Lynda R. Young, J. Keller Ford, Jennifer M. Eaton, J.A. Belfield


  1. Loved the interview! I think it's great that you love celebrating birthdays with those you love. What a very special day that a lot of people, especially as we age, would like to forget. It's everyone's "Your Special to Me Day Because You Were Born." Love it.

  2. Terri! Thank you so much for hosting me! Your questions were fun and I love that I can say I've checked out a few chapters of Pool of Souls before it was published (because I so totally know it's going to happen for you, it's such a great story)! :D Thanks for being so amazingly nice, and congrats on the release of your Christmas Magic anthology! :D

    ~Kelly Said

  3. Kelly thanks for sharing. A very sweet interview ladies.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, e! :D

      ~Kelly Said