Friday, November 16, 2012

#FreeviewFriday #ChristmasMagic Part 2

Welcome to Freview Friday!

Today I’ll be sharing another teaser from my story, Beginning of Forever, from Still Moments Publishing’s Christmas Magic Anthology which releases December 4rd.

In case you missed part I it can be found HERE.

Through Steven’s heightened cries and the ringing in my ears I heard my husband’s name and Anna Jacques hospital.

This isn’t real. I need to wake up.

“Mrs. Douglas?”

I swayed and slumped to my knees on the linoleum floor, struggling to keep Steven in my grasp.

The floor is cold. I’m not dreaming.

“Mrs. Douglas?” The woman’s voice sounded muffled. Far away.

I lifted the slipping phone back to my ear. “Is he…Is Ronnie alright?”

“You need to come to the hospital immediately.”

Good heavens. The scent of ham and cloves wafted from the oven, turning my stomach. “Yes. Of course. I-I will.”

Be sure to swing by next week!

As J.A. Belfield has said, any and all are welcome to join her in this weekly shenanigan. HOWEVER, if you do so, she URGE syou to keep the shared snippets short and sweet. Mine (like hers) will be a maximum of TEN (10) sentences. To help identification of these posts, we’ll be hashtagging them (for Twitter purposes) as #FreeviewFriday. Feel free to knick said hashtag for your own Freeview Friday posts. Hope you’ll join us!

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