Thursday, December 20, 2012

Ever Toot Your Own Horn?

I'm taking a break today from all the blasts, interviews, tours, & giveaways for a little personal tidbit. It's time to:

No, I'm not sneezing. I'm gunna toot my own horn real quick-like.

Make Believe, I’m proud to say, is earning some great reviews. Of course, as a whole this antho rocks.

*Cease tooting cuz it's hurting my own ears*  

On an individual story level? Not always a 5 star. My story, Sacrificial Oath, has received a few 3 star reviews of its own. Reviewers have their reasons—and I’m alright with that.

You can’t WOW! every reader every time.

What might resonate within one reader will annoy another. While one ‘gets’ my character and her reasons for doing what she does, another wrinkles their nose.

No biggie. Grain of salt, right?

Alesuela told me her story. Told me who she was, what drives her. (Yes I’m one of those strange writers who hear their character’s voices in their head.) I put that onto paper & tweak as needed to fit the plot and my characters.

So why does negative feedback hurt? Because the stories we write pour forth from the deepest parts of us. We put all our longing - all our emotion and effort - into the written words. When someone rejects them, in a way we feel as though WE are being rejected.

But hey … if that rejection is from cyber space & cyber peeps who don’t even know us on a personal level? Dust off those shoulders says I.

Write another story. Hopefully they at least liked something about our voice or story telling that they’ll give us another go.

If not?

Their loss.  ;)

How do you deal with negative feedback? Shut down? Try harder the next time?


  1. I'm going around to all of the wonderful blogs I follow to wish you a Merry Christmas (and they're ALL wonderful, otherwise I wouldn't follow). Have a safe and happy holiday, Terri! Congrats on the burgeoning success of "Make Believe!"


    1. Thanks so much & Merry Christmas to you as well!!!

  2. I actually just finished reading Sacrificial Oath, and I must say that I loved it. I had no problem with the setting and the characterization. My only qualm is that I wanted MORE. I wanted to see what happened after the last scene you gave us. So, for me, I would have loked more, but what you wrote, in my opinion was beautiful prose and awesome imagery. I was totally into it.

    1. You aren't the only one to want MORE. :) Perhaps some day I'll write a love story for Alesuela. Poor girl deserves it don't ya think??

      Thanks so much for your encouraging words.

  3. At first I put up a stoic wall to receive the feedback. Generally, I'll mull it over and see if there are any merits to the complaints. I'm always interested in improvement. If it's hollow and vile, then I dismiss it.

    1. Dismissing it is definitely the way to go. I've had too many writer friends take critiques to heart & allow other's negativity to hinder their forward progress.

      Thanks so much for stopping by & commenting John. :)