Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Check out the purdy!! Old Flame by Annabelle Blume @RoanePublishing

To me, this cover speaks volumes - in a silly kinda way. I must admit that I'm guilty of this very thing (minus the binoculars, that is.)

Old Flame
The Hearts Aflame Files
Publisher: Roane Publishing
New Adult, Contemporary, Sweet, Romance, Novella

Hannah Sullivan has spent the past three months stalking her ex-boyfriend, lurking in the bushes and hiding behind fake social media personas, convinced she can eventually rekindle the love they once shared. But when she meets Marc, who is everything James never wanted to be and more, she begins to wonder if she’s got it all wrong. Hannah must come to terms with her own demons before she can decipher between her delusional mission the man of her dreams.


Ever do anything like that? *snicker*
Whatcha think of the purdy?

A little birdie told me Roane Publishing is looking for tour hosts for Ms. Blume blog tour taking place Jan 15-30. If you're interested, click on that image!

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