Monday, December 23, 2013

In hiding? On the couch? In bed? Need earbuds? These authors tell all!

I'm thrilled to have my fellow Winter's Sweet Kiss authors stop in for part of our blog tour! Here are the four lovely ladies telling us their top two favorite places to write.

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Genre: Romance Anthology (Sweet)
Release Date: December 16, 2013
Keywords: Romance, Anthology, Sweet, Winter, Short Stories
Description: Fight the winter chill with these heartwarming, romantic tales.

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Anywhere where I can hide from my family works!  Okay, honestly the local coffee shop is a great place. I keep praying I will get energy from the caffeine fumes. And my second spot would have to be outside on my deck in the spring and summer.  A gentle breeze and birds chirping really help keep the words flowing. 

1) My comfortable, plushy couch. I just write in one place. Always. On my favorite couch, right in the corner where I have comfortable body support on both sides (Yes, I'm the big L in Lazy). It's like this place has a conditioned link to writing in my brain - whenever I sit down here, the words crowd in my head. 

2) My lovely, soft bed - See a pattern here? ;) I imagine a lot of my scenes just before I drift off to sleep. Then I quickly write them up the next day. I'm counting this as number two. 

 Ideally, my favorite place to write would be the veranda of my waterfront house, overlooking the ocean, lake…really, any body of water would do. But because I don’t actually own a waterfront house, except when we have really heavy rain, I’d have to say it’s the living room of my own house. Although I live in a densely populated suburb, if I position myself just so on my couch, I have views out of six windows of nothing but trees and sky—not a single house in sight!

I also like writing in bed, but although it’s always comfortable at first, at some point my neck starts hurting or I fall asleep…

Anywhere! I don't have an office, or even a desk where I can write in my house. I usually write at the dinning room table, on the couch, or in the local coffee shop. The only thing I really need is my earbuds. They instantly transport me into the story and my surrounding disappear. 


Be sure to stop by everyday this week for a little personal insight into each of their own scribbling sojourns!

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  1. I really like seeing where everyone gets in their writing. Maybe I should have added my son's dark room, with a tablet. Not really a like though. :-)

    Thanks for joining in the fun.